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Greenheart – VLC or VLO certified

Demerara Greenheart is one of the strongest responsibly produced hardwood timber species for Marine Constructions commercially available in the market.  Although this hardwood is only about 50 per cent heavier than English Oak, it is 100 per cent harder, 140 per cent stronger for compression and bending, and 120 per cent stiffer.

Where a timber with superior strength, high durability, VLC or VLO certification and a high resistance to marine borers is required, Greenheart is the timber of choice whether in salt water or fresh water applications.

There are many uses for Greenheart and we hold stock in various sizes ranging from the smaller planking / bracing / fender sizes of 75 x 225mm, 100 x 300mm & 150 x 300mm up to the bigger piles / beams in 300 x 300mm, 350 x 350mm, 400 x 400mm & 450 x 450mm, in lengths up to 15.00m which is what has made this exceptional timber flexible for all construction projects.

Greenheart (Chlorocardium Rodiaei)

As with most marine timbers Greenheart is an extremely difficult timber to work, however with our large stocks complemented by our ability to saw bespoke dimensions and ship direct from Guyana, or re-saw the stock in our yard when the project has time restraints and requires immediate delivery, it is no surprise that this hardwood is so widely used.  This is further enhanced by our project department and our capability to machine with chamfers, tapers, bevels and pointing, and drill or fit piling rings and shoes.

With our certified graders we are able to visually strength grade our stock of Greenheart to the HS Grade, strength class D70 according to BS5756:2007 and BS EN 338.


Our Greenheart is supplied as VLC or VLO certified, which is an independently audited full chain of custody, from forest to finished product.