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Timber Species

Because of their physical properties, tropical hardwoods are ideally suited for use in land and marine based engineering projects.  Whether for bridges, lock gates, sheet-piling, coastal defence, bank protection, jetties and piers, railway sleepers and crane mats, Wijma offer an extensive range of timber species which provide excellent resistance in direct contact with soil and water.

Greenheart – VLC or VLO certified

Demerara Greenheart is one of the strongest responsibly produced hardwood timber species for Marine Constructions commercially available in the market.  Although this hardwood is only about 50 per cent heavier than English Oak, it is 100 per cent harder, 140 per cent stronger for compression and bending, and 120...

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Ekki / Azobe – FSC or OLB certified

Ekki is internationally recognised as one of the strongest and toughest timbers commercially available.  Wijma hold approximately 10,000m3 of Ekki in stock with either OLB or FSC® certification, with facilities to produce sawn and machined sections at our mill in Holland and three sawmills in Cameroon, manufacturing a large...

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Opepe – FSC or OLB certified

Opepe is an exceptionally strong and durable timber with a high resistance to marine borers. Wijma hold stock in Europe with OLB and FSC® certification, which is complemented by our in house production facilities enabling us to offer re-sawing and further machining including planing, drilling and prefabrication. Wijma is...

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Oak – PEFC or FSC certified

European Oak – Quercus spp. Oak is a very durable, strong, and versatile timber which has been widely used in the construction of buildings and other timber structures throughout the UK and Europe for hundreds of years. From the rich traditions of French saw-milling history Our fresh sawn Oak...

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Eveuss – FSC or OLB certified

Eveuss is one of the newest Lesser Used Species being supplied into Europe as an alternative to some of the more traditionally used timbers for marine and freshwater construction, and is being promoted with a view to encourage sustainable forest management. In some cases timber is over specified, particularly...

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Okan – FSC or OLB certified

Because of the natural durability of Okan and resistance of the heartwood against fungi (durability class 1), it is widely used for external works and marine constructions such as lock gates, piling, harbour works, sleepers and for bridge timbers. Okan – Cylicodicus Gabonensis The durability and strength of Okan...

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Basralocus – FSC or LHV certified

Basralocus which only occurs in French Guiana and Suriname has a widespread reputation for being resistant to marine borers and has been widely used for marine piling throughout the world for over 160 years. The high degree of resistance of Basralocus to marine borer attack, has generally been attributed...

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