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Wijma UK is the UK sales division for the international Dutch timber company Wijma Kampen B.V. subsidiaries of the Royal Wijma Group, and have been a market leader in tropical hardwoods for almost 20 years.

Wijma – History

Wijma is a  4th generation family-owned business and has built up a wealth of experience in the sustainable harvesting and processing of hardwood from tropical forests for over 115 years. Wijma started as a small timber wholesaler, and built a sawmill in The Netherlands focusing on European Oak and progressed developing products from sawn timber in the late 1950’s to turn-key solutions for maritime end use and the building industry over the last 20 years.

Wijma has always strived for control of the entire supply chain, from sustainable forest management to ready-made product solution. With this goal, Wijma established their own production sites in West Africa In the 1970’s, which has led to more than 1000 employees working for Wijma on the African continent today.

Wijma  – Certification

The Wijma Group manages its own concessions in West Africa, with over 315,000 hectares of FSC certified forests. At five production sites in Africa, harvested timber is sawn, and then dried before undergoing further processing. Wijma UK is part of a network of sales offices worldwide responsible for the subsequent sale and distribution of finished products.

In 2005 Wijma became the 1st forest manager in West Africa to obtain FSC certification with its concession FMU 09-021 (36,439ha). We then set a target to have all of our concessions FSC certified, we were awarded FSC certification on our 2nd concession in 2008 for the FMU 09-024 (57,385ha). Wijma extended the FSC certification to its entire partner FMU’s, 11-005 (71,815ha) in 2009 and 09-022 (61,301ha) in 2010. With our final FMU 09-025 (88,147ha) gaining FSC certification in 2012

As to of today Wijma Cameroon manages 315,087 hectares of FSC certified, and was the first company with a group certificate in Africa.