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Our Certification

At Wijma we care about the forests, the people and the future

We want to ensure that the wood we supply comes from well managed forests to promote the conservation, sustainable and equitable use of tropical and temperate forests in a manner that will lead to lasting ecological, economic and social benefits to the local people and to the world in general.

We are chain of custody certified for FSC, PEFC, OLB, VLO and VLC, for more information see below

EU Timber Regulation – EUTR

The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) came into effect on the 3rd March 2013: Do you comply? YOU DO, if you buy from the Wijma Group. If Wijma is the operator (importing the timber into the EU / customs clearing) We ensure that all our timber products comply with the...

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FSC Certification

Wijma and FSC In 2005 Wijma became the 1st forest manager in West Africa to obtain FSC certification with its concession FMU 09-021 (36,439ha).  The decision to obtain certification as a saw milling industry in Cameroon was as visionary as courageous, as no national Forest Stewardship Council certification standard...

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PEFC Certification

Wijma and PEFC Wijma sources PEFC certified timber from several select long term business partners, who we have worked closely with for over 25 years.   The vast majority of our certified timber sold, under this certification scheme is in European Oak, which we supply as either sawn timber or...

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Wijma and OLB Since its conception, Wijma was a significant contributor in the development of the OLB certification and inspection system, with Wijma’s activities in Cameroon among the first to receive the certificate for their origin and legality in 2004. Wijma manages all of its forest concessions, a total...

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