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Eveuss – FSC or OLB certified

Eveuss is one of the newest Lesser Used Species being supplied into Europe as an alternative to some of the more traditionally used timbers for marine and freshwater construction, and is being promoted with a view to encourage sustainable forest management.

In some cases timber is over specified, particularly if strength is critical and as a result timbers such as Greenheart and Ekki are used by default.  Harvesting and supplying a broader range of species, including Lesser Used Species like Eveuss contributes in relieving the pressure on the traditionally harvested timber species and has a positive effect on the forests biodiversity, in combination with FSC certification this increases sustainable forest management in Cameroon.

Eveuss – Klainedoxa gabonensis

Eveuss was one of the final five lesser used species tested for their performance against Greenheart and Ekki, and although it was found to have less resistance to Gribble it is comparable in its resistance to shipworm and had a higher resistance to abrasion. like most tropical hardwoods.

With its naturally durable, and a high resistance to fungi (Durability class 1 – Very Durable), the timber is straight grained, sometimes irregular and with interlocked grain.

Eveuss is now extensively accepted as an alternative to species like Ekki and Greenheart and has been supplied by Wijma for coastal projects including at Pevensey and Sandown on the Isle of Wight and also machined and prefabricated for bridge timbers in East Sussex.

Certification and grading

Wijma UK Limited is a leading supplier of FSC certified timbers, we produce Eveuss with either OLB or FSC® certification at our sawmills in Cameroon, and with our certified graders are able to visually strength grade Eveuss to the HS Grade, strength class D50 according to BS5756:2007 and BS EN 338.