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Lock Gates / Flood Gates / Sluice Gates

Wijma has long standing experience in the construction of lock gates, flood gates, mitre gates and sluice gates.  All Wijma lock gates are precisely designed to meet the specific requirements of the canal or waterway for which it is needed.  With particular emphasis on structural hardwoods like Ekki, Greenheart and Oak we can provide a complete design and manufacture service for lock gates, or supply to detailed customer specifications.

Lock gates are manufactured to an exceptional degree of tolerance, at our purpose built mill and workshops in Holland, utilising specialist CNC capabilities in combination with our highly skilled craftsmen, where we combine tried and tested methods, and design our lock gates in accordance with Eurocode 5 to produce a high quality lock gate that will provide a low to no maintenance, extremely durable and effective water management system.

FSC® certified Ekki Lock gates

Traditionally, lock gates have always been made from timber.  Originally lock gates would have been manufactured in Oak, however Ekki or Greenheart is often used as an alternative due to the increased lifespan and superior mechanical properties these timbers offer, in some cases resulting in less Ekki or Greenheart being necessary for the lock gates than an alternative timber species.

Wijma hold extensive stocks throughout Europe, in constructional hardwoods like Ekki and Greenheart which are used in the manufacture of lock gates, combined with the facility to produce sawn and machined sections of Ekki at our mill in Holland enable us to meet even the most challenging demands promptly.

As well as manufacturing lock gates and supplying machined sections, our workshops offer a refurbishment service for heritage lock gate projects.  Many of the cast fittings of lock gates are recycled and then reused on the new lock gates, new steel brackets are fitted to strengthen the joints to maximise durability of the lock gates while preserving the heritage characteristics, with hoops, and other bespoke steel fittings designed and manufactured to suit each lock gate produced.

Wooden lock gates offer a minimal maintenance product that has proven it will function for many decades, outperforming many of the steel or composite lock gate designs that have tried to replace it.