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Oak – PEFC or FSC certified

European Oak – Quercus spp.

Oak is a very durable, strong, and versatile timber which has been widely used in the construction of buildings and other timber structures throughout the UK and Europe for hundreds of years.

From the rich traditions of French saw-milling history

Our fresh sawn Oak is sourced from a trusted supply network of family businesses like Wijma, which we have worked closely with for over 25 years and have built up their knowledge and expertise over generations of sawing.

Wijma supply standard dimensions or beams and planking cut to specific sizes.  We currently supply high end frame suppliers, Government departments and contractors with a quality that is carefully selected and matched from each sawmill to every application, ensuring a consistent quality and service.

Graded and Certified Oak

With our certified graders we are able to visually strength grade to the HS Grade, strength class D30/D40 according to BS5756:2007 and BS EN 338.

We are able to supply FSC and PEFC certified Oak, which is sourced and sold through our head office Wijma Kampen B.V. who have a PEFC and FSC certified chain of custody for processing and trading in certified timber and timber products.