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Basralocus – FSC or LHV certified

Basralocus which only occurs in French Guiana and Suriname has a widespread reputation for being resistant to marine borers and has been widely used for marine piling throughout the world for over 160 years.

The high degree of resistance of Basralocus to marine borer attack, has generally been attributed to the relatively high silica content of the wood, with timber tested after 15 years of exposure in borer-infested waters showing little to no significant damage.

Basralokus or Angelique – Dicorynia Guianensis

Wijma are able to supply Basralocus in lengths up to 19m from our carefully selected partners in Suriname.  The timber is generally straight grained and slightly interlocked grain, its strength and durability make it particularly suitable for harbour installations, heavy marine constructions, bridges, and large planking for piers and decking.

Basralocus certification

Wijma hold stocks with FSC certification or with LHV certification (SCS LegalHarvest™ Verification), and are also able to supply on forward shipment direct from Suriname.

All timber is sourced and sold through our head office Wijma Kampen B.V. who has a certified generic chain of custody for processing and trading in certified timber and timber products.

With our certified graders we are able to visually strength grade Basralocus to the HS Grade, strength class D50 according to BS5756:2007 and BS EN 338.