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Wijma and OLB

Since its conception, Wijma was a significant contributor in the development of the OLB certification and inspection system, with Wijma’s activities in Cameroon among the first to receive the certificate for their origin and legality in 2004.

Wijma manages all of its forest concessions, a total of 365,375 hectares of natural forest, in line with the requirements of the OLB certification and inspection system. Our three sawmills in Cameroon responsible for processing all of the logs from our concessions are also OLB certified.

Wijma are certified throughout the supply chain, ensuring that our timber has been legally produced and can guarantee the traceability of the timber from its stump in the forest to finished product and delivery to our customers.

We are able to supply OLB certified Ekki, Opepe, Eveuss, Okan and many other species. All timber is sourced and sold through our head office Wijma Kampen B.V. who has a certified chain of custody for processing and trading in certified timber and timber products.

Certificate number:          SGS-GEN/COC-030001

About OLB

The OLB (Origine et Légalité des Bois) or Origin and Legality of timber certification and inspection system, was developed in 2004 by Bureau Veritas Certification in response to a demand from the market for a system that could guarantee the traceability and legality of timber.

The OLB certification and inspection system is split into two standards, one for forest logging companies and one for the chain of custody

The Standard for forestry companies relate to the legality of logging and ensures the traceability of the logs from felling till it is processed into sawn timber.

The Standard for the chain of custody guarantees traceability of certified timber throughout the supply chain. Anyone trading or processing timber from an certified forest with an OLB label and claim, must have a Chain of Custody (COC).