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FSC Bridges – Hardwood

Wijma specialize in the design, fabrication and supply of an extensive range of FSC bridges whether for pedestrian, vehicular, cycle or bridle way all are designed to Eurocode 5 and to suit the location, span, and budget.  We then manufacture using tried and tested timber species like FSC certified Ekki, to ensure the very best product for each specific project, with focus on function, durability, cost, aesthetic appearance and sustainability.

As an integral part of our market presence, Wijma have for many years been at the forefront of supply in FSC bridges, providing our customers with a choice of standard or bespoke designs depending on preference.  All FSC bridges are available with a choice of six standard parapet designs, and we can also produce a wide range of non-standard parapet styles designed specifically to your requirements.

FSC Bridges in Ekki and Opepe

From our experienced and long established workshops in Holland, Wijma FSC bridges have become synonymous with quality and can be delivered to site either prefabricated or in kit form to meet with site constraints and the customers installation timescales.

Our FSC bridges are manufactured in several standard designs

Flat (Type A) – with spans up to 10 meters
Arched (Type B) – with spans up to 25 meters
Truss Bridges (Type C) – generally in combination with lower construction heights, for spans up to 40 meters
Timber arch (Type D) – In spans up to 65 meters
Cable-stayed (Type E) – In spans up to 90 meters

Prefabricated FSC bridges offer the added benefit in some designs to link shorter sections on site for longer spans, thus reducing transport costs and road and site restrictions.

In buying Wijma FSC bridges, the customer can be assured of not only a high quality product but access to expert advice during design consultation, through to production and delivery, providing the complete package for contemporary or heritage projects.